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Cobalt Blue: A Novel

A novel for courageous readers and seekers, COBALT BLUE is a turbulent, gorgeous ride into sacred sex..

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Scam Fatigue

January 27, 2023
Dear Nicholas, Feeling wrung out and useless after a two-day (successful) struggle shaking loose yet another scammer, I Googled the words “scam fatigue.” Turns out I’m not the only one who feels done in by this stuff.  The Washington Post says, “Relentless waves of sophisticated phone and online scams are affecting people’s mental health.” The […] Read More

The Need for Zowie Energy

January 20, 2023
Dear Nicholas, I first ran across the energy-charged word “zowie” in an intriguing new biography of author Kurt Vonnegut. Written by his old friend Dan Wakefield, Kurt Vonnegut: The Making of a Writer has lots of fascinating personal material.  Early in his career Vonnegut had been turned down in his application to teach at Cape […] Read More

A Town of Anxious Writers?

January 10, 2023
Seriously? A town of anxious writers! Could that be? An article on England’s unhappiest towns reports that Norwich, described as “a hub of literary activity,” home to many writers and actors, was not only third most unhappy but also the Number One Most Anxious community in the UK. It certainly looks pleasant enough. (BTW, sorry […] Read More

The Unnecessary Things That MUST Be Done In Getting Ready To Travel

December 4, 2022
Dear Nicholas, Why do I always have to tie up every ridiculously small loose end in life in order to comfortably leave town for a day or few? I know I’m not the only one who does this. Is it an innate piece of human nature to complicate getting ready to travel? Minding the Chickens […] Read More

Duped! Scammed! Robbed!

November 11, 2022
I fell for an online scam that emptied our checking accounts. Duped, scammed, robbed! How did I let this happen? Read More

Help Me Stop Wasting Time!

October 19, 2022
                  Dear Nicholas,  Sometimes lately, thinking I’m at work at my laptop, I’m instead watching videos of “Cutest Chubby Babies on the Planet” on Youtube.  Or reading scandal news on the Daily Mail, checking often for updates. Or watching clips of surfers, of dancers. So, help me stop wasting […] Read More

All The Queen’s Daughters

September 10, 2022
In my mind, my mother and Queen Elizabeth have long been connected. Until the queen died, I thought I was the only one harboring such a thought. Now I’ve read a tiny fraction of the public responses and I realize that a lot of people, women especially, of about my age  have had the same […] Read More

The Tough Life Lesson My Garden Is Trying To Teach Me

September 1, 2022
Dear Nicholas, I am a very discouraged gardener. I feel defeated. Since last winter I’ve been letting nature take over. But I want to recover and get back out into action.  The reason I’ve stayed inside reading even on pretty days is that I’m tired of feeding deer, rabbits and voles.  This past year they […] Read More

An Unexpected Mood Booster: Little Dancers

August 16, 2022
Never would I have imagined, Nicholas, that I’d get hooked on watching glammed-up children sail, two by two, around a dance floor as if in a ballroom a hundred years ago. After all, dance recitals are known to be one of the heaviest burdens of parenthood. A blogger called Scary Mommy is eloquent on the […] Read More

Does Worrying About Being Forgetful Make Forgetfulness Worse?

August 8, 2022
Dear Nicholas, I’ve been a bit more forgetful in recent months. Only about very small things, but I don’t like it AT ALL. Makes me feel I’m in a leaky boat. I’m guessing that paying attention to each little memory lapse or hesitation can only make forgetfulness worse. Normal Does Not Equal Good A sixty-something […] Read More