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Cobalt Blue: A Novel

A novel for courageous readers and seekers, COBALT BLUE is a turbulent, gorgeous ride into sacred sex..

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On God, Sex, Death, Love, Life Changes, Fears, Desires, Writing, and Anything Else on My Mind

Jung and Me: Gnosis, Hypnosis and Writing Novels

May 4, 2018
  Dear Nicholas, Here’s a piece I wrote a while back about Jung and me–Carl Jung being patron saint of most artsy-dreamy people. Given your own work with hypnosis and writing, I thought you might be interested.   To write a novel is to sink repeatedly into a waking dream. A trance experience I had […] Read More

Sabbath day

Sabbath Day Backlash

April 28, 2018
Dear Nicholas, It has been seven weeks now since I began my Sabbath day observance experiment, Sundays of rest, reflection, fun, and no work. Week Three was a revelation: a feeling of timelessness overtook me, an astonishing freedom. These last two weeks, though? Well, I feel I have a deadline to finish every imaginable task […] Read More

unprovoked sadness

Sharp Unprovoked Sadness, Coming and Going

April 14, 2018
Dear Nicholas, This week for a couple of days, I felt sudden onslaughts of seemingly unprovoked sadness, like clouds crossing a mostly clear sky, suddenly arriving, gradually departing. By unprovoked, I mean having no obvious immediate trigger. I told husband Bob about this Thursday night and he said, “Death is sad.” Yes, it is. Nobody […] Read More

team, competition, status anxiety, writing community

Status Anxiety: Win Win Win….?

March 27, 2018
Hi Nicholas, Remember that time you and I had a conversation about my extreme frustration over my book sales figures? I refused to be consoled that they weren’t higher. Financial questions aside, I’ve thought in recent years that my status anxiety had to a significant degree slipped away. But then last night I dreamed I […] Read More

Franc Payne Harry Payne, skiing, fear,

Tolerable Levels of Fear

March 16, 2018
Dear Nicholas, Almost all of my anxiety is about screwing up, causing harm or committing moral error, rather than flying or public speaking or sinister clowns. But there’s one physical activity that does scare me and yet I keep doing it. It gives me an experience of tolerable levels of fear: a sort of set point […] Read More

My Family History: A TV Surprise

March 9, 2018
Dear Nicholas, I was already in a where-did-I-come-from roots-researching mood and then a few weeks ago, TV station WECT in my hometown of Wilmington, NC, aired a bit of my family history that I’m very proud of. A Startling Moment The story popped up and surprised my mother, who, a few days short of 96, […] Read More

Sabbath day daffodils

My New Fabulous Fascinating Sabbath Day Experience: Part 2

February 27, 2018
  Dear Nicholas, I’ve now observed a Sabbath day twice  since my recent resolve, which was inspired by taking part in a  Jewish Shabbat dinner. I’m so happy and surprised by the outcome. The second Sunday was when I felt a startling effect: timelessness. All The Time In The World Or more accurately, for sixteen […] Read More

New: Launching My Sabbath Rest Experiment

February 20, 2018
Nicholas, For decades, I’ve been telling myself I really ought to declare one day a week free of all work–writing, critiquing, housework, taxes, etc. A Sabbath rest. I haven’t been able to get myself to do it until now. What has persuaded me is the lovely Shabbat dinner I had this past Friday with my […] Read More

How To Avoid Mammoth To-Do Lists

February 14, 2018
Dear Nicholas, I’ve stumbled onto a new tactic that’s helping with head-clearing, when I can bring myself to use it. Rather than collecting lengthy to-do lists with items still not crossed off, I’ve adopted a new mantra: Let’s Take Care of It Now. I came to this after a writer client took out his checkbook […] Read More

Caught a Bug. Let People Down.

January 31, 2018
Dear Nicholas, Doc thinks I have the flu. So I’ve cancelled commitments for the next few days, which is to say I’ve let people down, six of them to be precise. That’s what has bothered me about this, messing with their plans, breaking my commitments,  even though I have been massively assured by each one […] Read More

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