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Who Is the Bold and Savvy Blue Hair Lady?

Those unnerving little ads that show up at the top of email somehow always seem to know what I’m interested in. I don’t know the technology by which they read over my shoulder, but yesterday I was actually enticed into clicking on one.

The phrase that caught my eye was: Radical Writing. How could anyone resist that?

It took me to The Blue Hair Lady. And what a find! Not only does Laura Cerwinske put “Blue Envy” on her hair every couple of weeks, she’s a highly accomplished writer on design and visual art, publishing with such outfits as Rizzoli International, Thames and Hudson, Bantam, Dell, Doubleday, Simon and Schuster.

And she’s an artist.

And a small publisher (Blue Hair Lady Publishing…”The company’s publications are excursions through the secrets of transformation, weaving quantum thought and healing, metaphysics and art, memoir and mythology.”.

And a student of Santeria and similar body/mind/spirit subjects.

Also she teaches a 12-week on-line Radical Writing course aimed at wild disinhibition– for $25.

I do admire the combination of free-wheeling and commercially-and-artistically-successful.

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