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Create an Easier Way

My psychologist husband tells me I like to create “Great Wall of China projects.” And it’s true that I seem drawn to doing things the hard way. For example, I made a quilt with a needle and thread.

But I’d rather not have to do everything the most difficult way, or the high-stress bear-down-hard way, especially finishing books. Which brings me to:

Book 4 in my personal series of Rediscovered Treasures

The book is Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson, a wise fellow indeed. My natural inclination is to sweat the big stuff and think it’s all big stuff. So I like this book a lot, not that I’ve put a huge lot of it into practice.

Here’s one title of this collection of tiny, pithy essays about taking it easier and having a good, productive life anyway.

“Let Go of the Idea that Gentle, Relaxed People Can’t Be Superachievers”

Carlson makes several excellent points in this 4-paragraph gem.

*getting out of emergency mode does not mean giving up good results
*fear and frenzy get in the way of creativity
*feeling calm and peaceful makes for better concentration

Good, yes? I’m going to reread the whole book. Slowly. Peacefully.

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