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Boy Wonder Does Dorm Room Decor With Flair

What inspired the cleanup I posted about yesterday was a story in the design issue of New York magazine about a college senior and the way he has decorated his dorm room.

Just imagine having your old dorm room’s decor featured in New York. Not mine, though I had a very nice paper goldfish hanging from the curtain rod, a Jackson Pollock poster on the wall and blue and green curtains I was proud of.

Maximilian Sinsteden has definitely outdone that decor. Moreover, he already has clients for a design business.

“By the time Sinsteden was 12 years old, he’d redecorated most of the rooms in his parents’ house a few times, and had started in on the guest bedrooms of family friends. He had a precocious understanding of the perfect detail.” At 15 he was working for a designer, but has never had any formal design training. His first solo job–as a junior in college–was to do the interior of a 78 foot yacht.

Go look at what he has done to his room (click on New York above). This is one bold young man. It takes taste, imagination, and courage. Some money too, but money alone can’t do this. And he knows his way around a thrift, as well as how to borrow well from friends and relatives. And how to ignore any social pressures on a guy to play football instead.

The word is getting around about his skills. The article about him ran last week and a Google search of his name plus the word “dorm” produced over 9,000 sites. Being-red has additional photos.

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