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The tune that’s running through my head is “Born Free,” which is probably from my Peter, Paul & Mary days.

Blog Free, however, is my current set of lyrics. As I was just saying to one of my brothers on the phone, the cool thing about this kind of writing is that it’s almost unlimited.

No editors. No revisions. No meeting market requirements. No deadlines. No need to stick to the subject.

Plus a conversation results.

It’s like a pulpit without all the complications of a church. Or other similar comparisons. Free swim–I think I may like that one the best. (Note the chihuahua in the orange bikini.)

After more than 35 years of freelancing, to be able to just maunder around in language. Say things any which way. Well, it does good things for my lungs. I can feel the freedom physically.

Wow, what a pleasure this is.

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