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American Dream

Want to know what irks me about almost every campaign I’ve ever seen? It’s the idea that there are “average Joes” and “everyday Americans” and “the little man.”

In my view, there are people — and every damn one is a big deal.

That’s the point of the United States. And also of the Democratic party.

The combo of this hot hot campaign with today’s news of the death of Studs Terkel, the great oral biographer of both rich and poor, brings this to mind.

I’m convinced that any person’s potential is greater if we all view her or him as a Big Deal. As a goldmine of possibilities. And take our own powers seriously as well.

I certainly see us as all peers in the matter of success in the writing business. You never know who is taking it up today for the first time, who’ll have a bestseller two years from now. Students are ever passing the teacher. It happens all the time.

For example: years ago after publication of my first novel, an ad writer took me to lunch to ask me questions about getting started in fiction. Her name: Jan Karon, astoundingly successful creator of the Mitford novels.

It’s just realistic to view each other, and ourselves, as remarkable.

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