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Emails to my Therapist

Using Facebook, Etc.

I just got a notice from MySpace that I must “use it or lose it.”

They’re referring to the MySpace page I acquired in a fit of connectedness a year or so ago. The result of that is being officially located in five social networks. (I paid someone to set me up.) I haven’t done anything with any of them except to somehow double my presence on Facebook by accidentally creating a second version of myself, with separate sets of friends. And to get offers of friendship that I don’t know how to confirm. And be reminded that I might know this other Peggy Payne who was at Duke the same time I was.

Eventually, I will hire a teenager to explain some of this.

In the meantime, I’m apparently out there snubbing people with unconfirmed friendships. I felt so bold when I signed up for all these networks.

Now I’m starting to feel the way I did the one time I set off on a jetski. Careening, and likely to aground any moment. (That’s not me doing the triple axl in the video.)

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