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Too Busy Being Bold to Blog


* I got my two regular writing groups started, something I'd long hesitated to do, and I'm very happy with how they're turning out. Every Wednesday afternoon, three writers come to my office for reading and feedback (and tea.) Then another three come at seven. Both groups are a good combo of people doing interesting work; and they give useful feedback to each other. I'm delighted, actually having a good time..

*I let some sun in.  Husband Bob had long ( for nearly thirty years) been wanting to cut a few of the trees that have closed in around my garden (we live in the woods.)  Finally, I agreed.  And the results are wonderful.  Sun from above — and trees still surrounding us.

*I''ve taken on the deer, white fly, rabbits, fungus, voles and other chthonic monsters that so plagued my garden since last summer.  And plants are now thriving; they don't all look sick and chewed.

*I bought a leaf vacuum (not usually my sort of toy) and have been grinding dead leaves to mulch.  I now feel very tool-savvy and ecological.

*I put a new beginning on one of  my novels-in-progress and am making some other large-ish changes of a sort I never thought I'd contemplate.

*I've had a houseguest for nine weeks.  My elder stepson Chuck has been with us between gigs in Istambul and Saudi Arabia.  He headed out on Qatari Air yesterday for a new adventure. 

*Plus, I've been extra-busy reading manuscripts.

I hope you've been having a bold and delightful spring so far.

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