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The Wrong Side of Bed

On a screwy day (of the sort when I keep making dumb little mistakes), I’ve never been sure of the best strategy: plunge ahead or freeze.

Yesterday was a bit like that (though not the worst.) I went to a two hour Christmas get-together, the sort of thing where you get there on time. I got the time wrong by half an hour, temporarily forgot that the hostess had moved, hadn’t checked to be sure I had directions, and spilled a bright pink drink twice, once on the coffee table and once on the Oriental rug.

And it was then only 3 p.m. So I hit on a solution: lower expectations, no big decisions or difficult conversations, and as little heavy machinery as possible. And ready access to paper towels.

Then for whatever reason, I had no more mishaps that I know of for the rest of the day. Although I did wrap Christmas presents last night, so I’ll be interested to see if my mother gets a men’s large Nike hoodie.

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