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The Winning Message of The King’s Speech

"I was surprised at my strong emotional reaction to the Oscar awards that went to Colin Firth and The King’s Speech!  It’s more than a beautiful story and powerful acting. It’s an invitation to trust that as much as the British people needed Bertie’s voice so your voice is needed by the world. It’s an invitation to remember that we need our own voice to be fully alive. "   From Robert V. Taylor, a gay South African Episcopal priest who has strong feelings about speaking up.


I wasn't surprised at my emotional reaction to the movie's Oscar wins.    As I've mentioned, I had a wrestle over whether I wanted to see it, because I have a brother who stutters.  I was so glad I decided to go   Especially last night while watching the Academy Awards, always a big moment in my year (quite seriously!) 

I never miss Oscar night.  But last night was the first time I ever cared who won; I'm usually in it for the stars, the clothes, the hair, the gossip.  Last night I not only wanted The King's Speech to win; I twice cheered loud enough to rouse the attention of my  husband Bob who was listening to a full-blast ballgame on the radio in another room.  (Good of him to leave me the TV uncontested.)

Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay were well-deserved.  And Geoffrey Rush should have won Best Supporting Actor.

The implicit encouragement to speak up, to dare to wear the crown, is also a winning message.


Here's a bit of footage of  King George VI, acting king Colin Firth, his teacher Geoffrey Rush, and interviewer Katie Couric.


[youtube vDQgQTtrkpE]

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