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The Courage to Relax

The ability to relax is underrated as an act of courage. I tend to have tense shoulders all the time. And I’ve just now come from the dentist where I tend to turn into a 5 foot 8 inch steel plank. A snootful of nitrous helps, but still I can be fairly tense.

Somehow tight muscles feel like the proper state of readiness for everything, good or bad. Never mind that I almost never resort to a physical solution to problems. I don’t actually engage in fight or flight. Instead, I ponder, revise, negotiate, think, chat. These activities don’t require the muscle tone of a shark.

Nevertheless, the habit persists. This morning at my dentist’s I made a point of using not just the nitrous but as much muscle-loosening as I could muster. I made my hands feel heavy. It felt good.

And I have an idea I could probably think better with loose muscles. If you happen to have any studies or experiences that demonstrate that, I’d love to know. I fear it’s going to take all the king’s horses to get my shoulders to move to a different position on a regular basis.

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