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Sunday’s Bold Move: Critter Ridder and Sevin

One of morethe  inconvenient aspects of my touch of OCD is a persistent fear of accidentally poisoning someone.  In the kitchen, I rely on my husband if I'm in doubt about whether a tomato is still good or if the leftovers are lethal. 

In my garden, getting rid of pests is necessary, one way or another.   Our house is in the woods.  My garden, in a small clearing, has suffered its worst winter ever: from deer, rabbits, voles, as well as a white foamy-looking insect/disease.  One weekend morning a few weeks ago, I looked out the kitchen window and a small herd of deer was grazing.  I banged on the window and yelled; some of them looked up and gave me a polite nod, then went back to browsing.  They didn't leave until I went outside and started walking toward them. 

 So this weekend, my distress overrode my fears (as well as any environmental worries).  I warned the household and then suited up in long sleeves, goggles, face mask, and rubber gloves, and armed myself with sprays.   I pretty much covered the territory with a fine mist of pest deterrents.

I'm hoping it helped.  Can't know for sure.  But it takes the edge off my frustration that I'm putting up a good fight, in spite of the my poison worries, instead of looking the other way.

Today at lunch a vegetarian friend said the food chain in my yard is clearly out of whack.  She suggested I get a coyote.   If you have a spare, do let me know.

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