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Starting the Day Stupid

Overslept. By two hours! Then forgot I’d had a morning appointment at Autologic about a car problem. Then stumbled around trying to make sense of things. Finally, rolled out toward car shop and the rest of the day.

Now it’s just past noon. People at AutoLogic quickly did the necessary check, and I was out of there and on to the next thing, as if I’d started the day in a smart and organized and capable way.

It’s tempting (for me at least) in the case of a screwup, to say: the hell with it, today’s shot, or at least the car repair venture is. I try to rememember at such moments, large or small, that order may be reclaimable: do what I can as fast as I can.

Sometimes when I’ve dropped something valuable and fragile, I have a quarter-second thought: that’s lost; and I’m already starting to grieve before it hits the floor. And then the next quarter-second thought kicks in and I grab it and sometimes “save the day”.

Important to remember: first do what can be done, on matters large and small.

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