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Some Background on Being Bold

I’ve always hated speeches that start off: “According to Webster’s, the word (honor, graduation, success, character, etc.) means…”

However, it does say a lot about a concept to look at where it came from. And after all, a lot of us here do some writing. So here’s BOLD from Merriam-Webster:

Middle English, from Old English beald; akin to Old High German bald bold
before 12th century

1 a: fearless before danger : intrepid b: showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit 2: impudent, presumptuous 3obsolete : assured, confident4: sheer, steep 5: adventurous, free (a bold thinker) 6: standing out prominently7: being or set in boldface”

Just reading that definition/history makes me feel like being intrepid and impudent and dressing in medieval clothes. And now that I think about it: the artist Elisabeth Chant whose biography I’ve been researching for some time spent the last decades of her life wearing medieval-style clothes–and in my then-conservative hometown of Wilmington, NC. That woman was truly bold.

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