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Singing a Song from the Unconscious

Skiing on a glacier in Austria some years ago on slopes (catwalks) far beyond my ability, I realized that I had been humming the same tune over and over all day. When I finally noticed I was doing it, I immediately recognized it: “Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?”

It was true that I’d been scared–from mild to wild–all day. This was back in my mostly-travel-writing days when I made a long-running specialty of writing ski stories for beginners and bad skiers. It tickled me that I was unconsciously singing the message from myself that I was trying to ignore.

Since then, I’ve realized many times that I was mindlessly humming something that was terribly appropriate to the moment: “I’ve Got a Never-Ending Love For You,” and “Release Me” (think Engelbert Humperdinck), for example.

Yesterday, I noted that I’d been humming all day. What was the tune? “This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Let It Shine.” What could be more appropriate for a writer’s theme song?

So what’s your theme song today?

Could be it would work better to pick one, instead of letting the song pick me. But even when the song simply arises, it’s useful information, always good to know what I’m feeling.

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