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Oh, dear, oh, dear, I lost a Follower.

What that means is: there’s some cyberspace way people can sign up to be Followers of particular blogs. I guess that means subscribers.

On my blog “dashboard,” I can see how many this blog has.

Well, today I saw that this blog is DOWN ONE Follower.

I was stung.

Now this is ridiculous. I myself jump all over the web, I play the cyberfield without a second thought. Also, after 37 years as a freelance writer, I can get a book rejection and not even blink.

But here’s the difference: this is new. I never lost a Follower before. It almost reminds me of the early shocks of my first manuscript rejections. Of not being asked to dance in eighth grade.

I’m glad I know from experience that rejection can become simply part of the process, without rocking me.

In the meantime, Follower, where are you? Is it something I said?

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