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“Presto Book-O”

Steve Almond, the guy who wrote Candyfreak (and how could a true candy freak be anything but virtuous and wholesome?), has an interesting piece on The Rumpus about self-publishing a book of one-page pieces that he couldn’t rouse a lot of industry interest in.

What he’s doing is mainly selling it through his readings,making it a rare and thus-to-be-cherished item.

It’s not my ambition to proceed this way, and it’s not his only outlet. He has a book coming out through Random House. Nonetheless, I like his innovation and his cheeky style and wish him well with This Won’t Take But a Minute, Honey.

Thanks to Mary Moore for the heads-up on this. I welcome stories of inspiring boldness, in small matters and large — please let me know when you have one to pass on.

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