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Pig Spa

I’m ever scanning the world for sterling examples of boldness to report on, and I found some true moxie yesterday in my local News & Observer.

The story by Kathleen Purvis was about Hog Heaven, an inn and spa devoted to an appreciation of pork. “‘I figured if California could have the Napa Valley, maybe it was time for the South to celebrate what makes us truly happy,'” owner Sue Trotter says. “‘And no place appreciates bacon like the South.'”

This North Carolina mini-resort doesn’t stop with a pork-heavy menu and opportunities to spend time with the cute little piglets: “…You can relax under a cooling raw-bacon eye mask while you get a facial with high-quality leaf lard, prized for its antioxidant content.”

I was worrying a bit about how comfortable it would be to eat pork while patting a pig; especially since I liked the hogs that wandered the streets near where I lived in India, found them surprisingly personable. And then of course I came to the final punch line: April Fool’s Day. I’d been completely suckered up to that very last sentence.

What was bold was that story. And the photograph that went with it.

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