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My Snow Experiment

We have the rare pleasure here of snow these last few days. It was two and a half days before I could get from our house on a hilly dirt road through woods to the main road. So I’ve had a cosy few days, with a little cross-country skiing, up until the bindings broke on one of my 20 year old skis.

Seeking other ways to play in the snow, I hit upon my experiment. I decided to do the garden fertilizing I’d neglected to do in October, figuring that the slow melt of the snow would remove any need to water.

This isn’t the right time of year, and some of this fertilizer is the weekly type, some the acid type, and some is the kind that burns if it isn’t watered enough.

We’ll see how it goes in the spring, if I remember what I put where. This is what I mean when I say in my website bio that I’m a slapdash gardener. Given my approach, I think it’s bold of me to keep at it at all.

But I’ve always felt that anything worth doing was worth doing badly. Otherwise, how would we ever get started at anything new?

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