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My Own Little Oil Crisis

Bold move for me: I put oil in my car, for the first time ever.

The oil light on the dash had started to flicker late last night. I picked up a few quarts at a convenience store. A helpful guy there advised on what kind a ’92 Camry would most like. (This is a car I dearly love.)

This morning, with a funnel from the kitchen and a gardening tool to prop the hood up and my cell to call Auto Logic to get info on what hole to pour the stuff in, I accomplished this miracle.

To add to the adventure, the temp was over 90 degrees and the metal all too hot to directly touch.

None of the normal writing and editing work I did in the rest of the day produced anything like the sense of accomplishment I feel from this historic first. I like the feeling. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take up electrical work.

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