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My Bold Bonus Life: 7

A few highly personal images from my Bonus Life in New York:

From the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. At home, I live beside a little pond with a Japanese zigzag bridge. Husband Bob has very Eastern tastes and philosophy.

A piece of the Tudor City neighborhood, on the east side of mid-town, where two of my good friends grew up.

The base of a beech tree in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, wonderfully sculptural. (I’m a great fan of trees.)

Waiting for the train. I like cobalt blue almost as much as I do trees.

The Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park: a fair summation of my Bonus Life in New York experience.

And PLEASE NOTE: IMPORTANT: An image of the Time Out New York cover salted caramel sundae

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