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My Bold Bonus Life: 14

Audrey Hepburn is coming back to town today. That’s how I think of the young woman who is letting me use her apartment for my 18 day bonus life in Manhattan. l

Audrey is a few days early and is graciously staying with a friend so that I can finish my extra life here.

Her terrace plants are doing well (see above)– except for the one I 90% killed, then replaced.

Interesting note on the outcome of that hectic crisis: Audrey said don’t worry about it, that all the plants would be gone in a couple of months anyway.

So I didn’t need to ransack the field of horticulture and tote the crispy plant around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. On the other hand, that little maelstrom led to some shoe-leather plant detective work that became a mini-adventure (except for the hand-wringing.) And it put me back in touch with a guy I knew in high school and hadn’t talked with since. Now an agricultural extension agent, he said it might well recover, but in the meantime to hope it hadn’t come from a now-deceased child.

Rainy and marvelously cool here. Have plans for a museum and another of the Fringe NYC plays.

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