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Last Day at Writers Retreat

A few of us here in the NC mountains had planned a 7-mile hike today along the bank of the French Broad River. 

But it rained.  Some folks went out in the afternoon for an abbreviated version.  The rest of us worked. 

Seems like two or maybe three weeks since we arrived.  Life has settled into a nice rhythm.  With the group (at Doe Branch Ink near Marshall, NC) all women this time, it has turned into something approaching a pajama party.  Robes, slippers, etc. work for any occasion.   Really very cozy.  And productive.  Everybody has done a substantial amount of good work. 

Tomorrow I'll wind home slowly, checking to see what's happening in Asheville and in any interesting emporia along the way.

Bold Moves?  Well, I haven't made any today, unless answering email immediately without procrastinating could possibly count… 

But then one of the writers heads home via three hour flight, and she has a fierce fear of flying.  She made this trip anyway.  That does count.

Maybe I'll find an adventure tomorrow.

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  • November 7, 2011 at 7:58 am Reply

    I can't imagine a day cld go by & u not B bold !!  Aiki

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