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I'd heard the name Kickstarter, but somehow the startling opportunity there didn't register until recently when my artist stepson Jay Dick brought a particular project to my attention.

Kickstarter is a site/service that allows "artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers…" to raise money for their projects. People can pledge any amount for a project that strikes their fancy, in return for rewards if the project is fully funded. If the full amount isn't raised, then no cash changes hands.

Jay alerted me to a project he's helping to support: for creation of a major catalogue on the work of John M. White. From the project description:

"White has made a significant contribution to California art for more than four decades. An innovative and highly respected performance artist, accomplished painter, sculptor, and inspirational teacher, White has exhibited consistently to overwhelmingly positive reviews. In spite of his remarkable accomplishments, White’s groundbreaking oeuvre is not nearly as well known as that of many of his contemporaries. This retrospective exhibition seeks to locate White’s work in the place of prominence it deserves."

The goal is to raise $7500; and the more money raised, the more extensive and well-designed the catalogue will be. Today there are 33 days left in the fund-raising period, and the money pledged is more than 200% of the goal. Obviously a lot of people care that this project be accomplished and done well. It's surely going to produce one great-looking catalogue.

This kind of money-gathering is called "crowd funding." It identifies a market as well as bringing in bucks.

Think of the possibilities: essentially you could pre-sell books or other art. You could put an invention into production. So Bold!!

If you have a project that needs a financial kickstart, go get it. And let us know when your project is up on the site.

And congratulations to John M. White, Jay Dick, and other White supporters.

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