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One Monday night recently, I listened to a 90 minute online presentation that recharged and speeded up my work on my novel-in-progress.  It was a free seminar/promo for an online course to be taught, starting tomorrow, by human potential guru Jean Houston.  This is the first time a version of one of Houston's "mystery schools" has been offered through wireless and phone lines.  (Over 22,000 people logged in just  to listen to the live talk.)

The course is Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. I'd received an email about this promo audio, and thought to myself:  90 minutes?!  and: I already know my life's purposes.  

But I decided to listen in for at least a few minutes worth, anyway.   I stayed until the end.  And I have been better and faster at my work ever since. 

What I got out of it, in very simplified form, was a three-part approach:

*activate all your inner resources    (some of mine had been a bit lethargic in recent months)

*be part of a community focused on one's goals  (I've been in the same weekly writing group for 28 years and work in an office-house with three other writers; check off that one)

*see your work in mythic terms, as part of a huge movement that spans time and space   (I do see my work as my dharma and feel I'm doing what I need to do.  But then for stretches of weeks and months, I forget that and more easily run out of steam.)

 The way these three points were presented on the listen-in reminded me and re-excited me.  Ironically, I'm not planning to take the course myself; I'm still running on what I got from the promo and want to spend the time writing.

But if you happen to be feeling unmotivated and depleted, or uncertain of purpose, I think that this course is likely to fire you up again. 

 Today's the day to register if you want to do it.

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