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In Bold Chase of Dad

A man whose father left him as a baby decided he wanted to find out about his father and where he’d gone. After decades and networks of research and with the help of some DNA detective work, he learned at the age of 82 what he wanted to know.

This story, “DNA Reveals Story of Dad’s Disappearance,” was in my local paper, the News & Observer, yesterday–written, as it happens, by my sister-in-law, Ruth Sheehan.

The story got an enormous outrageous shocking number of hits.

I wonder if it was because DNA and genealogy are hot topics. Or because the story of a guy who kept on looking is inspiring. (‘Course, Ruth’s a really good writer, it could’ve been entirely that.)

Whatever else the attraction, I’m pretty sure that the story of someone keeping on–for more than six decades, even into old age–and succeeding is always a hot topic.

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