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Host/Hostess Anxiety

I find entertaining difficult, not while people are at my house, but in advance of the event. Has to do with cleaning up the house.

We live in a log house in the woods and have one large dog and one very-large dog with us in the house; both of them, bless their hearts, are shedders and one enjoys rubbing against furniture and appliances. And then my husband Bob –bless his heart too–uses the seats of chairs for storage areas.

I didn’t suffer from hostess anxiety while I was single. And this is curious because I was and am what an English ex-boyfriend referred to as “a heap.” If it was my junk, it was okay for people to see.

I opened a book this morning that has been useful for me: Daring to Be Yourself by Alexandra Stoddard. Saw a couple of things I’d underlined way back: “There is no need to be a nervous hostess. I feel comfortable when I entertain but only if I don’t put on airs.” and “Your guests want to experience your natural style.”

But my natural style does not involve dog hair. But I’ve also come to realize: my heapish artist style did not produce the rustic house next to the pond, all of which I like very much. Bob (and his ex) were the creator of that. And I get more credit than is due. So maybe it all balances out. Or maybe none of that matters. (That’s an idea I try on for size; actually I don’t buy it.)

In any event, it seems to be my natural style to marry a guy who creates a wonderful woodland house where the leaves are now madly and brilliantly falling as well as the dog hair and piles of books. So that’s the style that it’s okay to show.

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