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Emails to my Therapist

Hacked! And Inspired!

Someone sent 2,096 of my friends and colleagues an email Friday trying to sell electronics devices. If the message made it past your spam filter, sorry for the intrusion.

I discovered this state of affairs tonight–didn’t pay much attention to my email over the weekend.

But I stayed unusually cool…all on account of an inspiring manuscript I’m reading. A young writer to whom I provided only the slightest bit of help sent me her completed novel asking if I’d consider writing a blurb for her brand-new agent to send out with the manuscript.

First, it was exciting to see what she’d done. Then I spent most of the day reading it: and the book so inspired me. The story put me in the mood to relish the minor difficulties of life as part of the big game.

I’m not always inclined to take that attitude. The last time I played a driveway game of pickup basketball, some decades ago, I got irritated because people kept waving their hands in my face.

Today’s delightful reading reminded me that the waving hands and other obstructions are part of what makes the game.

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