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Fear and Courage in the Stars

My astrologically-minded friends tell me that we are in the period of “Mercury in retrograde,” one of the times of year that is famous for weird glitches in the operations of gadgets and schedules and systems.

I’m open to the general concept of astrology. If the moon can create tides, surely the heavenly bodies can influence me. But I’m largely unconvinced on the details; my horoscope has too often predicted for me fabulous successes that haven’t quite lived up to their descriptions.

However, the tide of cyberglitches I’ve encountered with my email lately has brought the concept to mind. So I did a little research and found what I wanted: a positive spunky approach to mechanical-glitch Mercury in retrograde season, should that season in fact exist. I always want to wring some value out of obstructions.

In short, this time (through Sept. 29) is a period of course corrections and rethinkings that will go into action at the beginning of October. And that’s a mere two weeks away. A tolerable notion. So I’m looking forward to emerging from retrograde and seeing all my rethought messages soaring to their best destinations.

And if you didn’t get a reply to your email, please send again…by Pony Express.

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