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Dabbling in Retail

Recently I decided to sell some clothes on consignment. In the past I’ve taken my physically or emotionally outgrown items to the Goodwill. This new possibility felt to me a small enticing adventure. I grew up in the midst of the clothing business. My parents owned stores in Wilmington, NC. And I feel I know a tiny bit about merchandising.

Well, dammit. Neither consignment store I tried wanted a single piece. One place said that my items were “too matoo-ah.” The girl there pointed out that their target audience is high school girls. It is true that I’m 61, but my husband thinks I dress like a high school girl.

So I went to a consignment store for classic clothes, thinking surely they’d like my tastefully mature collection. There, I was given no reason for the total rejection, and didn’t ask for one. Apparently I’m neither a high school girl nor a classic.

Next stop is either the back door loading dock of the Goodwill— or Sotheby’s. I’ll show ’em.

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