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Call Your Congressman Monday

An invitation arrived here that’s open to anyone who has things to say about improved health insurance coverage:

“Event: National Strike for Health Care Reform

“Put an end to murder by spreadsheet. Demand an alternative to private, for-profit health insurance. Demand public, universal health care coverage.”

What: Protest
Host: You — and as many fellow citizens as you can assemble
Start Time: Monday, July 6 at 8:00am
End Time: Monday, July 6 at 6:00pm
Where: Everywhere in the United States of America

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:″

I don’t have a detailed plan in mind myself for health care insurance reform. But I know for sure that we need it.

This invitation, as you’ll see if you follow the link, suggests staying home from work and buying nothing and calling Congressmen all day.

I disagree, especially in this economy, with the idea of skipping out on a job and boycotting already-endangered retailers.

I do heartily endorse the idea of a nation-wide call-in insisting on reform that makes sure everybody has good affordable health insurance, with coverage that is pro-health rather than a Catch-22 system where, for example, it’s impossible to know whether a procedure is covered until it’s done.

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