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Bold Proposition

I just made a daring offer to an eminent institution of higher learning. I won’t burden you with the details just now. But I’m feeling very pleased with my ingenuity, resourcefulness, and daring. There’s satisfaction in coming up with and presenting a bold idea, whether it works out or not.

I remember when I was an undergrad at Duke, I wrote a letter to the local Durham Herald, offering to write editorials for them for $10 apiece. I pointed out that during my summer as an intern at Star-News in my hometown of Wilmington, I’d written editorials and received a $5 bonus for each one that was published; and they’d published a stack of them, including my wisdom on the Kennedy-Kopechne-Chappaquiddick situation. (I was against it.)

The Durham editor didn’t take me up on my offer, but wrote me a most charming letter. Now the head of that paper is a guy who graduated in my class and started work at the same time I did at The Raleigh Times. A lot of newspapers have rolled out between then and now. I still cherish the memory of that offer I made back then, as much as I do other little adventures that did work out.

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