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Bold Money Sense

One of the ultimate bold acts, in my view, is to take an unblinking look at one’s finances.

I’ve just read a book that has relieved me of that dread — and of the guilt and blame that come from discovering the precise results of one’s less good decisions.

For getting rid of the fear, The Cure for Money Madness , by Spencer Sherman, presents a few brilliant and do-able ideas that work:

Figure out the message I got about money in childhood. Replay a specific moment that gave me that idea and catch on that maybe I misinterpreted what was going on, maybe I jumped to some unnecessary conclusions. Come up with some other possible endings to the story.

Okay, just reading this summary of mine, I have to say it doesn’t sound so convincing. But for me, it has already worked.

So, if you have mental money issues, forget my little summary and get the book.

(A clear-eyed bold approach to money is very helpful in setting up an extra life.)

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