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Best Business Practice

What’s the best bold action I could take today? That’s the question I just now asked myself. First, not getting into a dither about what constitutes best.

Then what?

Here’s what it comes to: working on my novel, as I did yesterday and the day before…. Each day briefly unnerving to begin. Sometimes that sensation is no more than a hair wide. Sometimes larger. But always within twenty minutes the creaky hesitation goes away, and I wonder how I could have ever felt it and am sure that I’ll never encounter it again.

Likely that companionable moment of unease is just a signal that this is what’s important for me to do. Higher stakes than running a load of laundry or getting together the numbers for my taxes. So maybe I should welcome that friendly agitating signal.

And now to my novel, my dharma… I doubt if any of us have to search very long to discover the real work of the day.

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