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Attempting Something New

Yesterday I sold my flowered ’92 Camry on Craigs List.(see photo below) About twenty people were interested within minutes of my posting, three of them fiercely so. I felt as if I were suddenly defending a dissertation (not that I really know what that feels like.)

The experience was a bit agitating because I know nothing about cars, could answer none of the questions, and wondered if I’d set the price too low. Also, I’d done no Craig List commerce and didn’t know what to expect.

By the time Husband Bob picked me up at my office to go home, I felt as if I’d successfully climbed one of the world’s great mountains. The car was gone, and the cash was in my pocketbook. The fact that I’d also done some work on a novel was nothing compared to the feeling of satisfaction at having managed something I hadn’t done before.

So I’m reminded once again: It’s worth doing new things, large or small, if only for the adventure and sense of accomplishment — both for making the effort and for any smidgen of success.

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