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Achieving Sixty!!

At last: the actual day. As of 2:34 p.m. today, I have lived for sixty action-packed years. And more to go.

When my husband Bob turned sixty, my mother said: “You tell him I’ve had 20 good years since that age SO FAR.” Now she’s up to 26.

I’m thinking the same way. My big commemoration will be in October, when (for business purposes) I’m spending a month in New York. Getting a sublet. Being briefly “a New York writer.”

I’m also celebrating today and all week. Note Self-portrait with Birthday Card.

I’ve never liked the term crone. Wise woman isn’t much better. Crones and wise women don’t read gossip blogs, moisturize, or wear cool shoes.

However, I do see the potential for sixty being pretty cheeky.

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