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A Self-Actualizing, Pump-Up Technique

What I’ve discovered from writing the fellowship application I was blogging about yesterday:

Affirmations work. Or they can at least stoke the passions and build confidence.

You know what I mean by affirmations, yes? The empowering sayings we’re encouraged to repeat to ourselves, such as: I am a calm and capable person. I am a person who doesn’t even like sugar and caffeine.

I’ve never much been into repeating those items. I meditate and I blog and I exercise and do my work and that’s all the discipline and structure I can stand.

Plus a screenwriter pal of mine once had an affirmations false alarm. She told me that repeating her declarations were giving her an amazing feeling of peace. But then the screenwriters’ strike ended and she discovered that the peace was coming not from affirmations but instead from not listening for the phone. She quickly returned to amazing frazzlement.

However, I’ve spent the afternoon carefully wording my Career Narrative, which is every good thing I’ve done professionally in my life, and that amounts to a two-page affirmation. I have succeeded in dazzling myself. I am now so full of beans that it’s just a shame it’s the end of the day and time to quit and go home. (When I woke this morning, I was distinctly not-so-dazzled by me.

But now I know how a quick pump-up is done. Seriously. If I want to take charge, beat procrastination, make a step toward bold living, I could write down some good things I’ve actually done. These, I’m happy to say, do not include steering clear of sugar and caffeine.

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