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A Second New Year’s or First Day of School

I’m in organizational tying up loose-ends mode today. In a way that I wasn’t when the year actually ended. Just finished the major part of a very large project, and have a moment to clear off both my desktops (virtual and physical) and create a little order. It’s very satisfying. And I always resolve to keep another pile from forming, or at least keep it from getting this high. But then it happens again, and after a while I take care of all the little items again. That seems to be the natural order. There’s a business organization guru I’ve read, David “Getting Things Done” Allen, who describes the process as ever starting over. That’s its nature. It relaxes me to think of it that way, rather than in a once-and-for-all way, followed by oops-I-let-this-pile-up-happen-again.

And tomorrow I have jury duty.

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