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A Morning with the Ganges

It’s Saturday morning and I’m in the midst of leading a workshop called Get Your Ganges On. We’re now spending about 15 minutes writing, so this space is where I’ve turned. The point of the class is to help people draw on their most powerful inner resources in doing their work.

I’m finding it exciting. As always, the teacher has to relearn. And this is a very interesting group. I’ve heard a couple of new ideas, new work strategies, I want to take home with me.

The exercise we’re now doing (or the others are, anyway) is about how each one views their invisible partner in writing, whether it’s called God or the unconscious or Higher Power or something else.

I believe in God and what I see is a river: thus the Ganges in the title. This class is sponsored by the Resource Center for Women and Ministry in the South. And there’s a fire in the fireplace behind me. I’m going to be interested in what the other folks here have to say.

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