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$500 House

It’s on Hawaii— in a town lyrically named Haiku–built by 22 year-old Chelsea Kohl with her partner Chelsea Heller. The story is in the November issue of Dwell magazine. (The story isn’t yet archived online.)

The house is made of found objects including surf boards, a disassembled truck, phone poles, stairs from a sugar mill. One lovely mosaic-like wall is made of wine bottles and what appears to be cement. The bed of the truck with mattress and quilt forms a combination loft/double bed.

Awful as it sounds, it’s delightful. A cottage from fantasyland.

It takes some gumption to build your own house from scratch. It’s particularly so for twenty-something women. Even more so, when you’re using bits of this and that and sticking with a $500 budget (the land belongs to Kohl’s father Bill, who Google research suggests is a cottage architect.)

Kudos to all the creators of the Haiku House.

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