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What I Didn’t Know about Mandela; What I Learned about Bob

Already he was in top-hero status in my pantheon. 

Then the flood of publicity this week told me something I hadn't realized: When Nelson Mandela, then imprisoned, changed his strategy and began to negotiate with the white government of South Africa, his colleagues in revolution believed that he had sold out.

Which pretty much put him in the alone-and-scorned category.  Hard enough to be unjustly locked up for years on end–and for a time in solitary confinement. Seemingly beyond endurance to be thought a traitor by one's partners in the cause. Excruciating isolation!mandela

Mandela stuck with his decision and proceeded. solitary

Hero close to home:  On Tuesday my husband, clinical psychologist/hypnotherapist, Bob Dick, had cataract surgery using only self-hypnosis for sedation.  It wasn't fun, he said afterwards, but it went just fine.  His doctor said that Bob's handling of the procedure was about the same as the average sedated person

Bob was irked that he hadn’t done far better than someone sedated.IMG_0128

What have I done that's bold today, (and it's 11:13 a.m.)? One ridiculously small thing: I briefly let go of my death grip on my work and read a lengthy piece in the  New York Review about a historic courtesan. Bold? Well, yes, a little bit.  What's bold is different for everyone; and even the smallest move in that direction builds the boldness muscle and the self-trust.

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6 Responses to “What I Didn’t Know about Mandela; What I Learned about Bob”

  1. kenju Says:

    WOW…..Bob was brave for trying that, especially with an eye procedure. Glad it went okay – and he should be pleased. 

  2. Bob Braxton Says:

    cataract surgery – coming up with my spouse (will turn 70 on 19th December) AFTER our February, 2014, trip return to Kenya – since a little more than 50 years ago summer 1963, earlier than independence from Great Britain, celebrated 12-12 (yesterday) Uhuru day and a second day of celebration (making a four-day weekend there).

  3. Peggy Payne Says:

    Kenya’s much more interesting than cataract surgery.

  4. Peggy Payne Says:

    Thanks, kenju. It’s not how I’m ever going to do it. I get nitrous for having my teeth cleaned.

  5. mohana Says:

    I think it's great to took time out to read something of interest to you. With a sick kid, upcoming international trip, and several expired deadlines, I went to a jazz club with a friend over the weekend. Exaclty what I need to be revived: someone else's art.

  6. Peggy Payne Says:

    Wow, I’m glad you went to the jazz club — and good luck with all the rest, Mohana.


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