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Cobalt Blue: A Novel

A novel for courageous readers and seekers, COBALT BLUE is a turbulent, gorgeous ride into sacred sex..

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The Source of Sexual Energy

September 1, 2015
I keep an eye out for what’s new in the world on the subject of kundalini. As you may know, my novel Cobalt Blue focuses on the creative and at the same time disruptive power of this life force, by the Sanskrit name of kundalini, rising to flood level in an unsuspecting woman. Now I […] Read More

Personal News: My Indian Sister

August 28, 2015
I am so excited about my new post on HuffPo: about the family kind enough to befriend me the winter I spent in Varanasi, India, researching my novel Sister India. After 24 years, they are coming to visit!!! Please go read it and LikeLoveShare! Thanks! Read More


Praying for Better Sex

August 22, 2015
(in case you missed the earlier version on HuffPo) You didn’t read it wrong: there’s supposed to be an “r” in “pray.” In setting out to write about praying for better sex, I don’t mean sending up a plea for action in the style of, say, a 14-year-old boy (though that seems perfectly reasonable to […] Read More

MAHESHWAR, INDIA - APRIL 26: Indian woman performs morning pooja on sacred river Narmada ghats on April 26, 2011 in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India. To Hindus Narmada is one of 5 holy rivers of India

Private Porn Safer than Public Religion?

August 14, 2015
A startling idea from Daily Mail India: “Public display of religion more dangerous than private viewing of porn”. The comparison never would have occurred to me. But it does make sense. The idea comes from an unexpected direction. India is generally viewed as the nation that is most public in the daily expression of religious […] Read More


Chris Christie and Me on God and Sex

August 5, 2015
This clip of Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie discussing his religion and his sex life is an entertaining demonstration of the embarrassing difficulty of going public on the subject of God and sex, sex and religion. The guy in the white shirt in the foreground appears to be wishing this weren’t happening (which suggests he’s […] Read More

3d render of Brain functions, synapses

New Tingles from an Odd Altered State

July 27, 2015
I thought I’d heard of every route to an altered state, every alternative technology. Being married to a psychologist who specializes in clinical hypnosis and writing a novel about kundalini would seem a pretty good start. But I’ve just run across a new method…or at least new to me. It’s called ASMR; it reportedly can […] Read More


Why I Love Celebrity Gossip

July 15, 2015
…And why bring this up on a blog that supposedly deals with the intersection of sex and spirituality? Here’s the reason: If a person shows interest in royal babies or movie star divorces or Olympic decathlete gender identity, he or she is likely to be scorned for engaging in “celebrity worship.” It isn’t worship. Got […] Read More

A Bit of Personal News

July 10, 2015
I just now finished the first draft of my new novel, working title “Darcy of the Astral Light.” Great start to a weekend! Read More

Stone carved erotic sculptures in Hindu temple in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

Body Mind Spirit Art

July 8, 2015
There ought to be a word or term for it. For art that brings together sexuality and spirituality, the carnal and the religious, the sensual and the ethereal. There isn’t one. Maybe if there were a name for it, there would be more of it. And those of us interested in this topic would know […] Read More


The Mermaid Update

June 30, 2015
Much interesting response to the post last week about whether to wear the pin showing mermaid and merman in an intimate moment. A gentleman from Turkey contacted me privately with a thoughtful argument against wearing it: because things have more spiritual value if they are not public and available. I gave this some thought. He […] Read More

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