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Cobalt Blue: A Novel

A novel for courageous readers and seekers, COBALT BLUE is a turbulent, gorgeous ride into sacred sex..

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Mermaids: They’re All Around Us

February 3, 2016
Lately I’ve gotten acquainted with a mermaid. Her name is Shelley Opearls. She has been keeping me up on mermaid life in the Southeast. As a native of coastal Wilmington NC, I’m of course a great fan of merfolk and their particular grace and enchantment. I’m not alone. Mermaid Shelley burbles: I certainly have been […] Read More

Woman celebrating a succesful work day

Spiritual Body Language

January 8, 2016
“Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” This wildly popular TED talk reveals postures that create confidence. Who doesn’t want confidence? Amy Cuddy’s 21 minutes of advice on the subject is the second most popular TED talk ever. More than thirty million people have seen it online. The postures she describes that create confidence and […] Read More

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The Sexy Spirituality of New Year’s Traditions

December 31, 2015
The first moments of the New Year are upon us, saturated with ritual, spiritual meaning, alcohol, and social pressure. These days I don’t much give a damn about New Year’s Eve, or so I tell myself. Back when I was single (32 years ago), I did give a damn. It was a night when I […] Read More

Mistelzweig zur Adventszeit

Under the Mistletoe: A Plant with Superpowers

December 23, 2015
More than just a spin-the-bottle Christmas decoration, mistletoe is a plant with a wild past. What seems to give rise to its mythic reputation is the fact that it grows high in trees and stays green even when its host tree loses its leaves. With no visible means of support, it was believed to be […] Read More

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Virgin Birth? Miraculous Birth

December 17, 2015
Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, late December is an intense time of year in this hemisphere and the concept of the virgin birth has probably affected your life. There’s plenty of argument about whether Jesus was born of a virgin mother. Fundamentalists of course say yes. Liberal Christians often say the virginity is symbolic. […] Read More

Hello I Am Guilty Nametag Wrong Bad Criminal Behavior

Sex and the Superego

December 13, 2015
“…Sex…is often viewed as an obstacle on the path of spiritual development due to the wild nature of sexual energy.” My question: what’s wrong with wild? And what’s right with wild? The quote is from a post on Fractal Enlightenment. No, I don’t quite know what that means. But the writer has an excellent point. […] Read More


Hip Baths for Quelling the Urge

November 11, 2015
It’s enough to make one question authority, what the Boy Scout handbook of 1942 advised young fellows to do about their “urges.” If a boy were to be troubled by bad desires he should, the guidebook said, take cold showers, long walks, or — here’s the slightly unsettling surprise — “hip baths.” I ran across […] Read More


Group Marriage: Oneida Community

October 30, 2015
“Because of its endearing sexual code,” it was “the merriest” of America’s 19th century utopian communities, wrote critic and memoirist Alfred Kazin. The name Oneida is one you may recognize as a brand of forks and spoons — if you know the name at all. But the original Oneida metalsmiths were a commune that preceded […] Read More


Red Hot & Holy — Sera Beak ‘s Heretic’s Love Story

October 12, 2015
This spiritual memoir, Red Hot & Holy by Sera Beak, is a hot mess in itself: wildly emotional, unsparingly personal, and written in a style that the author mentions as “spiritual street slang (‘gangsta goddess’).” It’s about the soul as the meeting place of human body and ethereal spirit, the part of us that connects […] Read More


Sex, Spirituality, Tetons, and Yellowstone

October 1, 2015
Fresh experience of ancient mountains evokes awareness of God, the divine, the sublime, in some of the same ways the erotic can. (Or maybe I’m just longing to post some of my vacation pictures.) In my visit (got back last night) to Wyoming, I found in the mountains, geysers, glacier, fumaroles, bubbling “mud pots,” and […] Read More

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