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by Peggy Payne

In the North Carolina college town of Chapel Hill, a cool-headed, intellectual minister is grilling shish kebabs in his backyard when he hears God speak to him out loud. But neither he nor most of his congregation believe in a God who does such a thing. So he faces a dilemma in his marriage, his church, his conscience and his soul. Revelation (title in italics) is the story of this 38 year-old minister ? attractive but socially awkward, happily married but tempted, introverted, a seeker whose impulse is to try to escape the very thing he has been seeking.

"...Real emotional power... most readers will find themselves both satisfied and disturbed."

-The Atlanta Journal/Constitution

"...She tells an incredible story incredibly well."

-The Baltimore Sun

"Perceptively written, often poignant... Payne writes with lyricism and deep understanding."

-Publishers Weekly

"She treats an age-old subject... with a freshness that makes it real and relevant to everyday life."

-The Seattle Times/Post Intelligencer

"Ms. Payne is quite good at conveying those rare moments when one is astoundingly aware that one is alive."

-The News and Observer, Raleigh

"Peggy Payne's first novel is very good... She delivers the goods emotionally."

-The New York Times

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