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On the Occasion of Turning 65 Today

My rap debut is in the works — on the subject of age 65, immortality, and related subjects.  Just wanted to give you a heads-up. It's going to be a don't-miss. Serious elder writer wisdom!

I know that there are larger numbers, but still….




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12 Responses to “On the Occasion of Turning 65 Today”

  1. kenju Says:

    Ah, you are merely a babe in the woods compared to me. Life begins with Medicare….LOL

  2. Jodi Barnes Says:

    Can't wait! Again, congratulations!

  3. Yvonne Hertzberger Says:

    Only a month behind you, Peggy. Make this a special one. :)

  4. Peggy Payne Says:

    So far, so good, Yvonne. You have a good month getting the celebration ready!

  5. Peggy Payne Says:

    Thanks, Jodi!

  6. Peggy Payne Says:

    I’m excited about the Medicare, Kenju. Yesterday a pre-Med friend said she was “so envious.”

    It always tickles me when somebody younger than me makes a big deal about getting older…40 or 50 or some such.

  7. Beth Browne Says:

    Happy birthday, Peggy! Your beauty and strength give me hope for my next fifteen years!!

  8. Peggy Payne Says:

    Thanks, Beth. And, gosh, you’re young! How do you do that?!

  9. Ginny Fleming Says:

    Happy, happy birthday, oh wise one! You're truly only getting better with age. You rock! Write on!

  10. Bob Braxton Says:

    Before I reached that milestone (2009 August) my employer gave me a gift – deadline to sign the papers for "good retirement" date "March 4" which I took as a sign (doubt there was both awareness and humor to say "march forth" – but I've been wrong at other times). Since I did not have to begin Medicare, I waited until 2011 September when she (senior pastor) did retire and hand in hand we began getting our Social Security, a good deal.

  11. Peggy Payne Says:

    I love getting Social Security “hand in hand.”

  12. Peggy Payne Says:

    I’m working at that rocking thing, Ginny.


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